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Re: phase 3D

Hello Ahmed,

On 4 Jan 99, at 23:22, Ahmed Boudda wrote:

> Is phase 3d silent key?
> Is it forgotten for ever?

No, P3D pretty well alive, but there was simply not much to write
about recently.. In the next month or so, another group from Europe 
will re-join the Integration Crew in Orlando, which is doing an excellent
job. After the TV test, the P3D electronics will now be made ready for 
the final vibration test, including a complete check-up.

> No more information's about this wonderful international effort inANS

Since you are a member of AMSAT-NA, please read the article
about the latest thermal vacuum test of P3D in Washington at OSC.
Or if you are a member of AMSAT-UK, you will find another good
article in the latest OSCAR News.

Negotiations with several launch agencies are under way, but these are 
confidential and we were requested to keep silence.

Best wishes and Happy New Year
   Peter DB2OS

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