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Fractals, a REAL question.


I am a satellite operator.  I am very much interested in modeling a 2 element
fractal, and pointing it straight up on my roof.  I would like to be able to
work RS-15, which has a very weak downlink signal.  I could put one of your
antennas on my boom, where I run a Yaesu 5400B az/el rotator.  I have to
consider interaction with the 2 meter, 70 cm, and 2.4G antennas I have up
there now, sharing a 7' fiberglass crossboom.

I guess in actuality, I have a few questions.  Has anybody built a fractal
antenna beam for 29.5?  How high off a wood/asphalt roof would I have to mount
the antenna?  What would the dimensions be for 29.5 MHz? Am I chasing smoke
and mirrors, or would this even be feasable?  Do you have a ready formula,
scalable dimension for scaling the antenna to other frequencies?  If the 29.5
MHz one worked, there would be a great deal of interest in a 70cm version for
working the pacsats mobile.  Several ops on the amsat-bb have been discussing
working the pacsats from their motor homes.

If you are inclined, and want to enlist some motivated experimenters in real
word tests of the fractal antenna, subscribe to the amsat-bb @ amsat.org.  I
for one would be a ready builder of scaled models.

Please advise, and good day.

73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

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