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RE: [sarex] Hoorah for Marex!!

I agree 100% and agree also to the freq. suggestion....ie. packet on 70cm
and SSTV on 2m. But I've been having trouble decoding the SSTV. I work some
HF SSTV...mostly Scottie1. I downloaded w95sstv and chromapix and tried many
of the suggestions seen on this reflector without success. Good downlink
signal and use the packet without problems. Any more suggestions???


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> Subject: 	[sarex] Hoorah for Marex!!
> I thought it was most interesting to read the reply post from SAFEX about
> the activities of MAREX and Miles Mann.  I applaud both groups for
> getting amateur radio aboard Mir.  However I find all this talk of
> contracts
> and failed attempts quite interesting and typical.
> The bottom line is Miles has been successful in getting his project up and
> running because he kept to the basic KISS rule.  Right now I can use my
> existing equipment to participate.  If SAFEX had their way I would have to
> buy or build additional equipment.  With the high taxes here (to pay
> for worthless social programs) there just isn't the time or budget to
> do it.
> Why limit participation to the technical expert or the wealthy?
> Thanks Miles,
> BTW   Because of the additiional dopler on 70cm I would like to see
> operation continued with sharing the 145.985 with packet and SSTV.
> If anything were to change packet should be put on 70cm with voice and
> kept on 145.985.  Why?  to KISS!!!  This way we get the most
> participation with the least cost.
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