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Re: QRM or Technical Achievement?

> Chuck Wyrick wrote:
> What you heard was packet.
> As acting control operator of AO-27 I adjusted the TEPR states (the
> turn on, turn off time)of the bird on the morning pass, December 7,
> 1998.
> In order to set these states I need to put the bird into the digital
> mode, send some data, verify that the data was received correctly by
> AO-27, and then return the satellite to analog mode...the process
> usually takes 1 to 3 minutes.
> I hope this clarifys what you heard.
> 73 and Happy Holidays
> Chuck, KM4NZ
>> On 7 Dec 1998, Brook Smith <n8ocx@AMSAT.Org> wrote:
>> The begining of the morning east coast pass of AO-27 was
>> highlighted by transmissions of 1200 baud packet.  Soon after that
>> the transponder was captured with what sounded like AM television
>> transmission.  This signal trashed many QSOs throughout the pass
>> and many operators seemed to give up trying to make contacts.
>> Does anyone know if this signal was some new type of experimentation
>> on AO-27?  Or do we just wait for two months for the article written
>> in QST thats titled something like "Slow Scan TV QSL Cards Sent
>> Through AO-27"?!!

Hello Chuck,

Thank you for your work as control operator of AO-27 and the reply to
my question.  I am sending a copy of this message to the AMSAT-BB
because of recent interest in determining the sources of various types
of QRM on several amateur satellites.  I was happy to learn that the
interruptions I heard were not caused by inconsiderate amateur 
operators.  I am always amazed at how many contacts through AO-27 are
possible because of the courtesy, consideration, and cooperation
between satellite operators.  The high behavioral standards of
amateur satellite operators will attract more people to amateur
radio in the future.

73 de N8OCX
Brook Smith

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