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Pacsat questions

Hello all
I've been thinking about taking the plunge, and purchasing a Pacsat modem
to work the digital sats.  I've been active on all the analog sats for 10 years now,
and the closest I've come to digital satellite operation has been the Mir BBS and
monitoring Dove, hi.  I've heard that the files on board some of the digi sats range
from your standard text messages, to wav files, and of course picture files.  It all
sounds interesting, and I'd like to see what its all about.  My rig, on the other hand
is a Kenwood 790 and is not 9600 baud ready.  I know of the mod, but I don't want
to fool with it just yet.  I'd rather get my feet wet with the 1200 baud sats first, and
see how it goes.  I was wondering if any of the digi ops can recomend an affordable
modem for this purpose, and shed some light on some of the differences between
the slower 1200 baud birds and the 9600 baud sats in terms file types, ease of 
operation.. etc.  I would suspect that large files can be a problem with the slower 
1200 baud sats, and that files such as pictures and sounds are not common on
these satellites.  With all the new digital satellites being launched, my curiosity
as got the best of me !  
Please send any suggestions to me direct, I will foward them upon request.
Happy New Year to all..
73, AB2CJ