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Re: Eggbeater, Fiction, CW xmtr

HELLO JOE -- No, no eggbeater plans as such. Just the article in the
latest ARRL Satellite Handbook--out last year and copyright dated 1998.
See pp. 10-16 &17. I'm using a 13-inch piece of 2-in. plastic pipe to
hold the various pieces of  phasing and matching 50-ohm coax (ru58). At
each end I'll fasten a plastic pipe cap--at the bottom holding an SO-239
coax fitting; and at the top end the wire antenna loops fastened at right
angle to each other with brass No. 6 machine screws.  I'll have a length
of plastic faucet supply line cemented in the center of the top cap to
support the loops which will be made of  a very stiff telephone company
lead-in wire which seems to be about 16-gauge -- which I got last year
when the phone co put in a new lead-in after ours+ broke in an ice storm.
 Incidentally, I sawed about a half-inch off each of the pipe caps
because they were too deep.

I haven't worked on it for a while because I've gotten busy on a book
that I'm writing and hope will be out April 1. It's a fiction book and
consists of a novella (short novel) about murder and intrigue in the
Florida Keys (where I lived for 13 years) plus about 25 short stories.
Ham radio plays a significant part in two of the stories. But this is NOT
a kiddie book! It will be titled LOW, LOW TIDE and about a tide observer.

I'm also working on a CW xmtr made from the 1948 ARRL handbook -- using a
6V6 osc and a 6L6 rf amp.  Why? because I'm 86 years old and have all the
parts. I got my license 50 yrs ago and this will be a '"W2ZBY 50th
Anniversary Xmtr!"  (By the way,when I got this call sign in 1948 I was
living in Hackensack, NJ. Just got the call back after many years as
K4URX. What's ur QTH?  

Gud luck wid the eggbeater. 73 Steve W2ZBY, 

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