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Re: QRM in North American satellite sub-band(s) [was: FO-29 [qrm possibly located])

At 23:27 03-01-99 -0500, you wrote:
>Remember, no administration, including FCC, has enforcement authority
>outside it's own national territory.  Also, sooner or later, every
>adminstration's stations may receive interference and will want to have the
>problem resolved.  Therefore, it's usually in every administration's self
>interest to follow the treaty requirements.
>Every country has, essentially, the same process.

you are 100% right, the FCC has no authority here; yet this situation
affects you, me and hams all over the Americas. that is why i suggested or
hinted at an e-mail writing campaign *if* the readers of this list thought
it was a serious enough matter. one should point out situations such as
that ocurring here beacuse it affects all ham sat users regardless of what
country they live in. rf knows no borders thus it behooves us to follow the
established band plans. the instalation of a repeater in an OSCAR sub-band
here in Honduras is a bad precedent, albeit, one which *can* be reverted
with your help.

73 de rick, hr2kos
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