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Re: QRM in North American satellite sub-band(s) [was: FO-29 [qrm possibly located])

Hi, Walt!

At 03:06 AM 05-01-99 -0800, xxx@nb.net wrote:
>The ARRL and AMSAT do not enforce regulations...the FCC does.
>However, in the U.S. we "share" frequencies with other services 
>and countries.

Here's the process:

[1] Amateurs commonly help FCC and other administrations by carefully and
convincingly documenting and identifying intruders.  (Monitoring stations
could do the job.  But, their budgets and personnel are limited and they
usually appreciate well documented help.)

[2] Amateurs, through their national societies and other appropriate
amateur organizations, present the documentation and indentifying
information to their administration.  In the USA, that's the FCC.  Other
countries have governmental organizations with the same treaty

(We use national societies and other amateur organizations because they are
usually well known, recognized, and respected by government agencies.  This
commands attention to our problem.)

[3] Administrations, like FCC, present the information they have about
stations  causing interference to administrations which are supposed to be
responsible for the interfering station.  The procedure is specified in the
Radio Regulations and will well known to all administrations.

Usually, interference problems can be resolved at this level.  If not, they
are passed on to Foreign Service people to resolve diplomatically.  There
are other consequences which may arise.  

Remember, no administration, including FCC, has enforcement authority
outside it's own national territory.  Also, sooner or later, every
adminstration's stations may receive interference and will want to have the
problem resolved.  Therefore, it's usually in every administration's self
interest to follow the treaty requirements.

Every country has, essentially, the same process.

Hope this explanation helps.

73, art.....
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