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Re: QRM in North American satellite sub-band(s) [was: FO-29 [qrm possibly located])

At 12:38 03-01-99 -0800, you wrote:
>AO-27 is also plagued by Spanish-speaking QRM, usually appearing during
>the last third of transcontinental passes, as received in the S.F. Bay
>Area.  I've never heard a callsign or anything resembling amateur traffic
>(albeit, i don't know enough Spanish to say that definitively), so it's
>probably domestic users unaware of what they're doing.  I can usually
>talk over them with 5W into an antenna comparable to an 'Arrow' (AO-27
>has a very sensitive receiver), but most over AO-27 users don't realize
>that and so it has the effect of stifling communications rather than
>preventing it.  It takes practice to quickly recognize what is amateur
>traffic and what is unintended QRM.
>			    -- KD6PAG

i can understand cable tv leakage, non-ham qrm, "domestic users unaware of
what they're doing", "unintended qrm", etc etc...getting into satellites.
but, for hams anywhere to set up a ham repeater in any OSCAR sub-band
*knowingly* has no excuse. at best, it demonstrates disregard towards the
"gentlemans' agreements'" that band plans are and towards ham radio in
general. if i went over to most countries and drove my car down the left
lane of the street (down the right lane in the UK :)), what would probably

73 de rick, hr2kos
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