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QRM in North American satellite sub-band(s) [was: FO-29 [qrm possibly located])

   >it is possible that the qrm could have been caused by a 2m fm repeater that
   >has been installed down here :( by the Radio Club Tegucigalpa within the
   >upper 2m OSCAR sub-band...it is on 145.940 -600. i have twice written

   I believe I may have heard the same QRN (or another one located in Central
   America) at about 435.800 when I was searching for the beacon on FO-29.
   bird was making a S->N pass and was mostly over the Pacific and C.A.  It
   didn't sound like repeater traffic, though, it was more like
   of a daytime soap opera.

AO-27 is also plagued by Spanish-speaking QRM, usually appearing during
the last third of transcontinental passes, as received in the S.F. Bay
Area.  I've never heard a callsign or anything resembling amateur traffic
(albeit, i don't know enough Spanish to say that definitively), so it's
probably domestic users unaware of what they're doing.  I can usually
talk over them with 5W into an antenna comparable to an 'Arrow' (AO-27
has a very sensitive receiver), but most over AO-27 users don't realize
that and so it has the effect of stifling communications rather than
preventing it.  It takes practice to quickly recognize what is amateur
traffic and what is unintended QRM.

			    -- KD6PAG

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