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Re: Re: FO-29 [qrm possibly located]

Hi Rick,  
(Thanks for the card).

> when an FM signal came on freq for about 1 
>minute - I moved up frequency and called again and the FM followed me up 

>it is possible that the qrm could have been caused by a 2m fm repeater that
>has been installed down here :( by the Radio Club Tegucigalpa within the
>upper 2m OSCAR sub-band...it is on 145.940 -600. i have twice written

I believe I may have heard the same QRN (or another one located in Central
America) at about 435.800 when I was searching for the beacon on FO-29.  The
bird was making a S->N pass and was mostly over the Pacific and C.A.  It
didn't sound like repeater traffic, though, it was more like re-transmission
of a daytime soap opera.

Jerry, K5OE
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