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Re: (Respond) Moon Keps

At 11:04 AM 1/3/99 -0500, fb1rci@ALPHALMA.CNRS-MRS.FR wrote:
>> from: "William Erhardt" <erhardt@mt.net>
>> Can anyone tell me if the moon keps in the itrack program from amsat are 
>> faily accurate.

They are accurate to about 0.8 degrees, worst-case.  That will be good enough
unless you have a really fine EME antenna system.

>Attention: The Moon TLE (2line) it's not usefull for the SGP4
>two lines format ephemerid model (InstantTrack by exemple). 
>The format is only a compress readable parameters.

InstantTrack does not use Keplerian elements for the moon.  It has a
built-in model for the Moon's orbit.  Luckily the Moon's orbit doesn't
change very rapidly (or rather, it changes very predictably) so it isn't
necessary to update this model periodically, as with element sets.

With other programs, Keplerian elements can be constructed to
approximate the Moon's orbit for a limited period of time.  A program
to synthesize elements for the Moon is available on the AMSAT-NA
web site.  Go to http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftpsoft.html and look
for "MoonKeps".

73  -Paul

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