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Re: FO-29 [qrm possibly located]

At 16:41 31-12-98 -0700, you wrote:
>Howdy Fm Montana - I was calling cq cw on FO-29 on the 23:30 UTC pass at 
>145.950 up and 435.847 down when an FM signal came on freq for about 1 
>minute - I moved up frequency and called again and the FM followed me up 
>about 10 kcs and transmiited again. Did anyone else here this FM signal
>Bill KA7YAO


it is possible that the qrm could have been caused by a 2m fm repeater that
has been installed down here :( by the Radio Club Tegucigalpa within the
upper 2m OSCAR sub-band...it is on 145.940 -600. i have twice written
polite e-mail to the Club informing them as to the current 2m amateur band
asignments for itu region 2, the consequences of employing that particular
frequency for terrestrial purposes and the satellites currently in orbit
operating and/or capable of operating in that sub-band. THEY ARE AWARE OF
THOSE FACTS. however, my appeals have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes. i
checked with instantrak at the time you state and it is possible that this
fm repeater is what you heard. if you or anyone on this list decide this is
a serious enough matter that it merits an e-mail, the address of the Radio
Club Tegucigalpa is :


happy new year to all.

73 de rick, hr2kos
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