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Re: Not 2YK yet, but ...

> Date: 1999-Jan-02 [Sat] 11:26:15  +0000
> From: Viktor Kudielka <oe1vkw@oe1kib.ampr.org>
> To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
> Subject: [amsat-bb] Not 2YK yet, but ...

> FYI: A well-known DSP packet/RTTY controller shows the following
> behaviour at 00:00:00 UT :

> Date in US format: 12/31/98 to 13/01/99
> Date in UK format: 31/12/98 to 01/13/99

> Viktor, OE1VKW 

No-one should be using these outdated and confusing formats (dd/mm/yy or 
mm/dd/yy) anymore.

In the US, ANSI Standard X3.30, and NIST FIPS 4-1 say that 1998-12-31 
and 1999-01-01 are the formats to use.

In the UK, BS EN 28601 specifies the same format.

In Austria see OE NORM EN 28601 for the same answer.

Actually the generic standard, EN 28601 says the same and applies across 
the whole of Europe.

ISO 8601 also applies in every other country of the world.

There is a fuller list at  http://www.qsl.net/g1smd/isoimp.htm

This was also covered in The AMSAT Journal last July/August. NOW is the 
time to start using the new yyyy-mm-dd format. Don't wait until 01/01/00 


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