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Re: SEDSAT Status?

Alan and all

SEDSAT is continuing to perform as it has since launch. That is transmitting telemetry until the batteries die and then going into safe mode for ten hours and repeating the process.  The orbital geometry is such that we have had as much as 120 hours of continuous operation from the bird before the batteries die.

Recovery Efforts

We still have a couple of chances here.  It turns out that one of the two recievers on the bird were disabled before launch. (Don't ask why).  The second reciever may or may not have been working before launch, this is in some dispute which in and of itself is not good.  However, we have a method of testing the reciever/receivers on the bird.  We will, in the next week or so be sending up the reset command to the bird.  This is a hard reset that does not require the intervention of the on board computer to function.  By this method we will be able to determine if either of the receivers are working on the bird.  If they are then there are some things we can do to overcome a software bug that Harold found for us.

IF IF IF we can do these things then we may be able to recover the bird and place it into service. If not then we have what we have. 

Happy New Year to All in AMSAT and thank  you for the telemetry, the support, and the birds themselves.

Dennis Ray Wingo

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