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Re: RS-13 Mode KA Primer

K5OE wrote:
> >  The convention is to fix your transmitting freq. and adjust the 10 m
>  > for Doppler shift.

KD9KC wrote:
>  I disagree.  Unless I read it backward, you tune the higher freq.  What you
>  express above is OK for mode K, but backward for mode A... unless something
> has changed ?!?!

Mike brings up an interesting quandary.  I know the convention is to fix the
lower freq and tune the higher to compensate for Doppler shift.  What is the
preferred practice when one station is on mode K and the other is on mode A?
It makes sense to me to do as Mike suggests, tune the 2 m transmit on mode
A--especially since the mode K shift is never more than about 2 kHz for an
entire pass.  I would suspect, though, it makes sense for the mode A station
to "track" the mode K station's 10 m downlink and tune to it and not to his
own fixed 10 m downlink.  I realize that's double work for the mode A station,
but that way both stations move in concert.  

Other opinions/comments or old-timers' experience?

Jerry, K5OE
PS:  winter arrived in TX last night
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