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ESDI disk, Quiktrak Y2K, Timewave DSP2232 source


I have an ESDI drive with Quiktrak source,  Timewave (AEA) DSP2232 source, the C
compiler used to compile Quiktrak, source code
for many other things of great importance to me,  ASM56000 assembler,
signals development tools that I wrote and would like to have.

Let's try this again.  The help that has been offered to me so far,
I believe I can do myself but would NOT like to do, that is, plug the Ultrastor
ESDI card into an available ISA slot and then copy off what
is needed one slow floppy at a time.  I don't have the cables to
connect the ESDI drive to the card. I don't have a tape back up
as I keep copies of everything, elsewhere.  My ultimate wish list
for this would be find someone who already has an ESDI card, ready
to go, in some old machine that they can easily get the stuff off
and onto to some mass storage device that I can ftp and get the
data to my development machine.  The entire drive is 150 Meg's
and the stuff I want is not so large as this.

If anyone thinks they can and will help, let me know.

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