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Starting Over


Not long after the demise of AO-13 I moved to a different state. It
seemed a big hassle to reinstall the antennas and station and so I
decided to sell everything and start-over once P3D was orbital.

I had an FT-736R, KLM (short) antennas, G5400B rotor, mast mounted
preamps and for digi-ops I had the Paccomm NB96/PSK1 combo. I sold every
item not long after we moved.

Now, two years later, I am ready to re-build the groundstation.
I have not been keeping up with any new equipment that may be available
and so I ask for your help. 

If you were starting over, what equipment would you purchase today?

Please feel free to email me this info directly since I understand that
much of this will simply be opinions but to a degree I feel that I have completely 
lost touch with this part of the hobby and I need a fast refresher. I will be
glad to compile all the opinions/advice I receive and post it here later
for all.

Many thanks and vy 73. 

jeffrey davis n9avg
muncie, indiana usa
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