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Re: Re: Mail Delays

At 09:51 AM 12/29/98 +0000, Richard W L Limebear wrote:
>When amsat-bb receives a message for reflecting it sets to and starts
>mailing it to everyone on the amsat-bb list, last time I looked there were 
>over 1500 people on the -bb list.

1247 at the moment, plus a few on the digest list.

>Many more just use the callsign@amsat.org reflection of e-mails.

About 10,000 are enrolled.  I don't know how many are actively used.

>This sort of forwarding does not happen instantly. 

No, but it's pretty fast when all three ends (the sending host,
the AMSAT.ORG host, and the receiving host) are up and the Internet
is working between them.  A few minutes is reasonable.  More than
that means that a problem somewhere.

>Add to that any other tasks occurring on the server which, I believe, is 
>not *owned* by amsat (so its doing someone elses work too).

No, AMSAT-NA owns the host and it doesn't do anything but AMSAT
business: mail alias forwarding, mailing list forwarding, web serving,
and FTP serving.

73  -Paul
AMSAT.ORG mail alias and mailing list administrator

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