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Re: Email forwarding delays

At 12:12 PM 12/28/98 -0600, Jeff Johns wrote:
>I have noticed this also. Sometimes when I post a question to the list, it
>can take anywhere between 30-90 minutes before it appears. What is weird is
>that sometimes people actually are sending me answers to a question before I
>even see the question appear back to me on the list. I wonder why for some
>people the lag is not as long? Gremlins maybe?

This is different from the mail alias forwarding.  As others have pointed out,
each message sent to a large mailing list has to be delivered to a large number
of addresses.  The AMSAT system attempts delivery of several in parallel, but
the number it can handle in parallel is limited.  So, some recipients will get their
copy right away and others have to wait a while for other deliveries to be attempted
before their copy can be sent.  How long depends on where in the list you are
(alphabetical), how busy or broken the Internet is that day, and how many other
subscribers' mail servers are having problems accepting mail.

73  -Paul
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