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Re: Email forwarding delays

    At 10:24 AM 12/28/98 -0600, you wrote:
    >I have noticed lately that the email forwarding (e.g., w5rkn@amsat.org)
    >has been batching the forwards about every two hours. This does not
    >happen all the time but does for a significant portion of time.
    >Will these delays continue?

    I did a test mail to myself (w8gus@amsat.org) and it came very quickly.
    My guess is that your problem is with your ISP.

Not necessarily, so don't talk to them yet.  The mailing list goes out to
a large number of people, so where you appear on that list (and perhaps
the phase of the moon) may have alot to do with how quickly you get the
message.  So if you want to find out when AMSAT.ORG gets your message,
copy it to yourself at that site (if you have forwarding there).  That
way, you can tell if it's the mailing list or your ISP that's being slow.

But Mail servers do have trouble from time to time; i've seen 12+ hour
delays from a major local ISP on more than one occasion, so don't neces-
sarily blame either site.  Do the research first, and a sample size of 1 
is not adequate; we all have bad days. 

			   -- KD6PAG (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")

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