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Re[2]: Mail Delays

    When amsat-bb receives a message for reflecting it sets to and starts
    mailing it to everyone on the amsat-bb list, last time I looked there were 
    over 1500 people on the -bb list. Many more just use the callsign@amsat.org
    reflection of e-mails. This sort of forwarding does not happen instantly. 

Correct.  With that many people on the list, it may take a while to forward
things, especially over holiday periods, when more machines are down and
the mail server has to timeout some of the connections and/or retry more
often.  I've check the full headers of the last bunch of 'amsat-bb' messages
and indeed, the typical delay appears to be from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  When i
posted my own message on this topic, copying it to 'kd6pag@amsat.org', that
message when from my machine to 'amsat.org' and back to my ISP's mail server
in 12 seconds(!), so it's the mailing list, not 'amsat.org' in general, that
is slow.  

Good grief, 1500+ addresses, no wonder it takes a while! That's an *average*
of about a dozen per minute and it's reasonable to wait at least 5-15 second 
for slow servers to respond.  At this point, i'm inclined to praise rather
than be critical of the mail service!!  'Gotta run, AO-27 calls...

			-- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")
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