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Re: sound card compatability

And to complicate matters even further, I'd like info on any and all
PCMIA sound cards for use in my older but still useable laptop.
I'm particularly interested in a true Soundblaster or Vibra 16 card.
73, doug

   Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 19:36:52 -0800
   From: Jordan Arndt <jordana@nucleus.com>

   Douglas Cole wrote:
   > I am in the market for a new sound card and am wondering if
   > anyone knows if a pci card will work with the sstv and fft
   > analysis software that is being used for sstv and cw analysis and
   > the dsp filtering and other amateur related software that uses a
   > sound card or am I stuck using a SB-16 ISA card?
   > I am looking at the ensoniq pci card or possibly turtle beach
   > card but it will need to be compatible with this type of
   > application, any tries, anyone "been there done that" and can
   > give me some input ?
   > Thanks for any replies and the use of the 'bb
   > Douglas Cole
   > N7BFS
   > AMSAT#26182
   > dcole@ior.com

   Hi I am also in the Same boat... also I'd like to be able to use HSMS
   also... my present ATI Stereo FX card has good dynamic range, but the
   AGC has a VERY SLOW recovery time... any info GREATLY appreciated... 73
   de Jordan...
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