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Re: Reactions and Opinions to "Dragonfly"

On Sat, 26 Dec 1998, Rick Walter wrote:

> The other information in the book is very interesting.  It just goes to
> prove that politics controls everything.  It does not matter if the
> space program would be good for science, good for the country, or good for
> big business.  As long as a politician sees it will get him (her)
> somewhere, the space program in our country will continue. It is a real
> shame that those who control the purse strings are generally too stupid to
> know anything about a program they make or break.

A sad but nearly always true statement. Every politician who has been
involved with the space program seems to have suffered from this same
fault. Wonder if that says something about the people we elect...?

> Maybe we should convince the Republicans that impeachment of Clinton would
> actually take place if they increased NASA's budget by 50%!

Wouldn't bet my life on it, if I were you. Plenty of dumb on both ends
of the avenue to keep that from happening. Wish it were otherwise, but
what everyone does/says points the other direction.

For myself, I'd like to see NASA given the power to draw up it's own
budget (under some general "what we want to get done" guidelines) and
then have Congress and the President either approve it up or down.
Maybe if the engineers are making the decisions, we might see a few
less "vital" installations in powerful Congressional districts.......

My $0.02 on the subject.......


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