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Re: getting clean pictures from Mir sstv


One other way to solve the W95SSTV robot 36/76 starting problem might be to
try using the beta program from Silicon Pixels called ChromaPix.
It has an auto start mode that has never failed to detect the proper format
from Mir since the first time they transmitted. Not only that but you can
check mark a box to lock the receiver in the format of choice.
Their are lots of other nice features as well. Give it a try and let me know
what you think.      http://www.siliconpixels.com/index.htm

Although still under testing the only bugs I have found in this free version
(which will run for 1/2hr) are some file handling inhibiting in concurrently
running windows Netscape & Eudora. 

It's a real nice program and if they price it at something more reasonable
than the $120 they allude to on the site it could well become the way to fly.
Ian Koenig has a nice Mir picture web site up with 12 of my ChromaPix shots
on it at  http://www.kmedia.freeserve.co.uk/freeweb/mirgal.htm

Al Emer N2YAC

At 09:18 PM 12/26/98 -0600, you wrote:
>This might help you get clean pictures with w95sstv:
>Just use manual mode. With little noise it seems to prefer robot72 but this
will give confusing color 
>Set to robot36 mode.
>Set to force sync. (it will not start decoding until start is clicked)
>Right after a picture begins (after it sends mode) hit start. This keeps
the program from incorrectly switching to
>robot72 which it nearly always does. There is an error that occurs most of
the time that incorrectly decodes
>the recieve mode.

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