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getting clean pictures from Mir sstv

This might help you get clean pictures with w95sstv:
Just use manual mode. With little noise it seems to prefer robot72 but this will give confusing color
and image overlay errors.This has been working very well and the correct mode will be set
even under extreme noise conditions.
Set to robot36 mode.
Set to force sync. (it will not start decoding until start is clicked)
Right after a picture begins (after it sends mode) hit start. This keeps the program from incorrectly switching to
robot72 which it nearly always does. There is an error that occurs most of the time that incorrectly decodes
the recieve mode.
Alternate:   Get recall (scanner vox activated sound recorder for the pc and a sound card)
Set it to enabled and track mir if needed with a beam.
It will capture anything that makes it past the squelch. I have two computers so I can play it back into
the second computer to decode it, and I can use cooledit to band pass filter as needed.
Be sure your mic is off. W95sstv will even decode pictures that are picked up through the speaker,
I did that by accident because some of the internet phone programs reset the sound mixer to their settings.
Pictures will have lots of interference unless your room is dead quiet.
As you save the pictures use empty space on the bottom of the picture to state date, time,
lat, long and a name for the location the image was taken.  Note by looking at sequential pictures what direction
the ground track is moving. They seem to be live pictures but I tried matching todays images with cloud
patterns from goes, and goes is too low resolution to find it.
From: GPersons <railfan@flash.net>
All of this sstv talk has got me excited. However, I have not seen a posting on the equipment that