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help! (ao-27)

Thank you to all that responded to my first query on this subject.  
Moreover, I recently acquired an Arrow antenna.  I hear the downlink 
fine (full scale reading at times), but I haven't been able to hear 
myself on the downlink yet.  I tried the pass at ~18:00 UTC with no 
trace of my signal on the downlink.  This was a good pass for me (66' @ 
TCA).  Others on this reflector suggested the problem was due to 
receiver desense, but this does not seem to be the case because I can 
still hear other stations while I'm transmitting.  The description of my 
station is as follows: Knwd. TH-79A dual band (full duplex HT), Arrow 
antenna, Pro Am model D270 duplexer, transmit frequency is set at 
145.850 MHz.  If anyone could offer any more suggestions it would be 
greatly appreciated.  Also, I was wondering if anyone else is using a 
similar set up for ao-27.  What is the usual success rate of persons 
using an HT and a Arrow antenna because I heard someone make a comment 
that they did not expect to hear their friend on because he was using an 
HT, and there was allot of QRM.  Thank You.

                                                      73's de KQ6UP

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