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Learning Code

Hi Jeff,

  I used the Code Quick tapes. Check out their web site at


  I also use a computer program called SuperMorse. There are 
several ways to set up the program. One is to have it send 
code through the speaker and you have to enter the correct 
 Once you get up to speed, listen to the CW bands on HF and
practice copying some of the code. This will reveal which 
letters need work so you can go back to SuperMorse and work
on that letter/number/character.
 Once you pass 5wpm getting to 13 will be tough. I am doing
that right now myself. I have already passed the General
class written and all I have to do is take a 13wpm test and
pass it..
  Remember, the test involves copying code, not sending it.

  Good luck!

Chris KH2PM
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