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Re: Not really space related


The best way to learn the code is to try to receive faster than you can
copy well (like 7 WPM if you can copy 5 WPM) for about 15 minutes EVERY
NIGHT. The regularity is what will cause it to sink in eventually. If you
memorized the tapes, try one of the hundreds of Morse code PC programs,
and use the random groups. If you can do those, straight text is a snap.

Listening longer than about 15 minutes just gets you tired. It is
extremely important to listen regularly. If you can copy 80% of what you
are listening to, crank up the speed. The strain to pick up the stuff
that's too fast helps move you forward. Copying what you CAN receive is
not productive.

Remember all you need to do to pass the test is answer 7 out of the 10
questions or get 1 minute of perfect copy out of 5. You don't have to be

Good luck, and remember no matter how much fun you think you are having
with your Technician License, there is SIGNIFIGANTLY more fun to be had
when you get a few more operating privledges. 

Jerry Malin, N2HV

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