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AMSAT Folks,
I'd like to add a word of support to this effort.
I have worked with Gusatvo and the AMSAT-LU group a bit over the past three
or four years on the VOXSAT effort.
This satellite has great potential as an entry level bird.  The cross band
and parrot FM repeaters should be usable with AO-27-like equipment.
Additionally, the parrot may be used to fulfill some of the education
mission DOVE was unable to complete.

The AMSAT LU group has been quitely building this bird for many years now
and has funded it entirely on their own.  Expenses mount as the launch
campaign approaches.  Those of you who support the idea of simple FM
repeater-like satellite should support this effort.  This is a great bunch
of guys and this should be a nifty little bird.

Jim White

>Attention please,
>Amsat LU is in the last phase for launch VOXSAT 1 its next satellite
>for radio amateurs worldwide service.
>VOXSAT 1 will go inside a russian satellite like AO-21, for launch next
>The satellite modes will be:
>1 Cross Band FM repeater,(like AO-27), UHF up / VHF down.
>2 Parrot UHF up / VHF down.
>3 Broadcast Voice,FAX,SSTV, (like sputnik 41).
>4 CW Telemetry modulate FM.
>The VHF output power for the downlink repeater TX is two watts, and four
>for the broadcast TX.
>Our local organization made a monetary effort for complete it, like
>when it help with AMSAT NA for finish the first four microsats in 1989.
>We have few members for support the launch cost,(satellite transport,
>travels, etc), We need your help too.
>AMSAT LU made a certified for give to all who make a minimum donation
>of u$S 10, for those that make a U$S 100 donation or more his callsign
>will be engrave in the first cover of the satellite.
>You can watch parts of voxsat at the following address:
>If you want to be part of this proyect sent your donation to:
>Gustavo Carpignano
>M. Rosas 2044
>1828 Banfield
>Checks or money orders should be made out to AMSAT ARGENTINA.
>Any questions I'll be qrv to answer it.
>Thanks for your help.
>Gustavo Carpignano, LW2DTZ
>fax: 54-1-202-1168
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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