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Re: Not really space related

I always found the theory to be relatively, easy. Took me three times to
get the 13 and twice to get 20. For me, and everyone is different, I found
the trusty PC to be my edge. I made it a point to spend about 10 minutes
(really, only 10 minutes!) each day doing a practice run. This was done
every day without exception. I would then score my success or failure rate.
While it wasn't real impressive I could see an incremental improvement each
week. Took about 10 weeks to get that 20 out of the way the last time. 

I admire your determination and goal setting. In this day of decaying moral
character your note is a ray of hope. I believe more folks with your
attitude would be a welcome addition to this hobby (or obsession, as my
wife puts it!)

Good luck and the best of the Holiday Season to you and yours! 73

At 09:50 PM 12/22/98 -0600, Jeff Johns wrote:
>This isn't really space related, so please forgive me, but everyone has been
>so positive and helpful in all other respects I would like to ask the group
>their opinion regarding learning code. I am a Technician class ham and proud
>of it, but want to gain some additional priveleges, especially with the
>possible FCC restructuring that seems forthcoming. I've tried listening to
>CW tapes, but I just seem to memorize them. For those of you that have
>upgraded from no-code to code, can you offer some suggestions on an
>effective course of study for me, it's one of my New Year's resolutions.
>73 Jeff
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