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Re: Tuning the sats?

I am by no means the expert you conjured Samuel, but I agree with
Jean-Louis.  He is expert enough for me!  The reason is that one tunes
the higher frequency, and the lower frequency, where doppler is less
severe, tends to stay in the same relative position in the passband. 
Most ops I know use this convention.  If I use this convention, say on
FO-20, and you tune the transmit like you seem to be supporting, we are
apt to "collide" in the passband as I tune down and you tune up.

73 ans Merry Christmas!  Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

samuel c horton wrote:
> The un-official rule is to adjust the highest frequency, i.e.
> the uplink for AO-10, RS-15, etc and the downlink for FO20/29.
> For single channel satellites like AO-27 or MIR, you have to tune
> both frequencies.
> Satellite softwares like STATION written by VP9MU allow all
> types of corrections.
> Cheers
> Jean-Louis G/F6AGR
> ****************************************************************************
> Jean I have to disagree with your un-official rules of tuning AO-10 and
> the others you mention...but whatever way you do is not as important
> as being able to hear your own down link...What say the experts?
> EL87RL

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