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Analog sats

Earlier today, someone requested a list of all currently functioning analog
amateur satellites and their current mode of operation. I'm sorry but I
accidentally deleted that message. If you were the person that requested
that info, and got it could you please forward me a copy? If you aren't the
person that asked the question but have a list of the sats, would you mind
emailing me a copy <grin>? Thanks in advance!

73 Jeff

    *=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Jeff Johns KF4KGQ  AMSAT# 32615 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=*
    |jeffj@scott.net kf4kgq@amsat.org |     Reserve Patrol Captain     |
    |  Satellite: Mir R0MIR-1, AO-27  | Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept|
    |200LX+BayPac+FT50=Portable Packet|     QTH Birmingham, AL USA     |


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