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Re: Pyramid Power Supply

At 01:48 AM 12/22/98 , Mayfield wrote:
>  Anyway the fuses are 40 Amp in a 3AG (.25" X 1.25") style.  I have 
> learned these are quite hard to find.  Does anyone happen to have a 
> source?  I have tried the automotive supply shops as well as Digikey and 
> Mouser with no luck.

I have learned that boating supply stores are good sources for this sort of 
stuff.  (Also good source for the stainless steel hardware you want on your 

Boats US, West Marine, etc.

For the ULTIMATE source of fuses, you can try "Fuses Unlimited".  These 
folks aquired various fuse retailers over past several years, including 
such companies as "Western Fuse", "Fuse World", "Fuses Inc".  To me it 
seems amazing that such companies existed in the first place.  The story of 
their merger into one gigantic fuse retailer is quite a surprise.  I only 
know about them because one of the companies they aquired (Western Fuse) 
was here in San Diego.

Their web page is http://www.fusesunlimited.com/  It lists locations & 
phone numbers.

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