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Re: ao-27

In a message dated 12/22/98 1:04:24 PM, you wrote:

>I just aqcuired an Arrow antenna.  I hear downlink signals great, but I 
>was not able to hear myself on the bird.  I thought the uplink was the 
>easy part on this one.  Could someone please give me some sugestions?  
>(I was on 145.850 uplink 35 watts on a 5/8 wv.)

Hello,   KQ6UP

If you have an Arrow Antenna, why were you using a 5/8 wave?

5 watts into the Arrow Antenna should be more than enough
to get into AO27.

If you are using a dual band HT you need to use headphones
so your radio will work in full duplex mode,  to hear yourself.

Are you using a duplexer with the antenna?

73 Al Lowe N0IMW 
Arrow Antenna 
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