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AO-27 Observation

Earlier in the week I posted a question about why it was difficult for me to
hear AO-27 when it made passes west of me. Just a few minutes ago, I heard
it loud & clear on a pass west of me <grin>. Normally with my HT on passes
east of me I have to almost hold the HT upside down to clearly hear the
bird, well guess what? It appears that if I hold the HT right-side-up on
passes west of me I can hear it. I had been trying to listen to it with the
HT upside down and it just won't work on western passes. I wish I was smart
enough to understand the mechanics of things such as this but I'm learning a
bit each day, so maybe one day I'll get there.

73 Jeff

    *=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Jeff Johns KF4KGQ  AMSAT# 32615 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=*
    |jeffj@scott.net kf4kgq@amsat.org |     Reserve Patrol Captain     |
    |  Satellite: Mir R0MIR-1, AO-27  | Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept|
    |200LX+BayPac+FT50=Portable Packet|     QTH Birmingham, AL USA     |


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