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Re: ISS Ham Station

The official web site for ISS amateur radio activities (ARISS) is located
at http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/~ariss. The ISS permanent station will be
built in 3 phases. Phase 1 consists of two tranceivers (2m and 70cm)
as well as a packet tnc. The hardware is built and is currently undergoing
qualification testing. The plan is to deliver it to ISS in May so that it
will already be on-board when the first permanent crew arrives in Dec or
Jan. (and yes SSTV could be supported in any of the phases.) Phase 2 has
2 higher power tranceivers. It will have a digitalker and can also be
configured for cross band repeater operation. Phase 3 will be a completely
reconfigurable station through the use of plug-in modules. It is designed
to operate on any band from HF through microwaves with the appropriate
modules. It will also be able to operate any mode. It will be commandable
from the ground and interfaced to ISS voice and video channels to allow 
ISS cameras to be used as a source for the SSTV system. It is a very 
exciting project and we have a fantastic international team in place to
make it happen!

Stay tuned! There will be something for everyone!

Ron Parise, wa4sir

At 21:58 12/21/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I am looking for information on what is being considered for the ISS Ham
>Station. What type of equipment, bands, antennas and modes are being thought
>of. Who's in charge of the project and is there a URL page set up with
>information? Anyone point me in the right direction to find out this info?
>Keith N4Zq
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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