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Re: Satellite Tracking software for Linux?


> John Melton also created Pacsat groundstation software for Linux, not
> to mention his latest Java software which is designed to be platform
> and OS independent (although being generic it doesn't take advantage
> of Linux's packet radio support).

The next release of JStation will support using the Linux AX.25 stack.  The 
delay in getting it out is that I am waiting for the public release of ]DK 1.2 
for Linux ;-)

The whole protocol side of the software is now implemented as a set of 
dynamically loadable classes.  Each satellite can define a protocol to use and 
it is dynamically loaded and run when the satellite is being worked.  The 
default protocol is the Pacsat protocols,  but I have also included one that 
will execute a command at AOS of the satellite and another command at LOS.  This 
can be used to startup another program (for instance).  It is possible to write 
a small protocol class that could implement almost anything.  I have been 
experimenting with one that records audio - good for MIR.

Within the Pacsat protocols,  the loading of the AX.25 protocols are also 
dynamically loadable.  The default one is the portable version written in Java,  
but I also have one that uses the native Linux AX.25 stack.

And just for good measure,  within the Java AX.25 stack the interface to get and 
send packets is also dynamically loadable.  The default is to use the Kiss class 
that uses a serial port to talk to a Kiss TNC.  I now have another class that, 
along with some native C code, will use the Zilog 8530, that is built into Sun 
SparcStations, in HDLC mode.  This is how I am attaching a modem for testing 
38k4 reception on TMSat.

I can't give a date for the JDK 1.2 release on Linux ;-(

-- John Melton  n6lyt/g0orx

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