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Re: Mir SSTV

> I have been posting the lastest 4 good pictures I have received from Mir 
> at the following URL
> http://www.mt.net/~erhardt
> I now have 28 good pictures from Mir and the interest this has sparked 
> with Ham here in Montana is just great.  I have had 47 e-mails wanting 
> information on how to copy the pictures for all over and hope this will 
> inspire some prospective new hams out their.

OK, I'm "inspired". I went out on the web and downloaded a couple
of the SSTV programs to try, but the programs seemed to default
to a mode that didn't give viewable pictures. I went back and read 
all the messages posted over the last week or so, but couldn't find 
where anyone mentioned the name of the format used for the MIR 
pictures. I got a fairly good signal coming in through the sound 
blaster, but being new to SSTV I wasn't sure how to set up the 
timing parameters. I have done a lot of APT wefax in the past, and 
some of the parameters sound similar to wefax parameters.  
Anyway, how does the SSTV compare to APT, and is an APT card 
of any use for SSTV? Which of the modes listed in the SSTV 
software should I use for the MIR pictures? TIA

| Bill Jones, N3JLQ,Sweden, Maine  |
| wejones@megalink.net             |
| http://www.megalink.net/~wejones |
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