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sonic boom heralds shuttle re-entry

Dear fellow sat ops,

Standing in the chill of a SW FL night, I scanned the SW sky for any
sign of Endeavor deorbiting over Fort Myers.  I hoped I would see the
shuttle against the starfield.  It is fairly dark at our house.  While I
didn't see the shuttle go over, and I don't think it was visible, I was
rewarded with a tremendous sonic boom that seemed to thunder and roll
from the NE.  

The morning coffee and water cooler discussions in SW Fl this morning
center on the tremendous "explosion" which shook everyone's house last

73, and Happy Holidays to all!  Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org
Mike Gilchrist KF4FDJ - P.O. Box 763 - Fort Myers, FL
33902-0763kf4fdj@amsat.org - www.gate.net/~seven77

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