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Re: [sarex] MIR SSTV and PMS

Aloha - I started to reply to an earlier message, then trashed it, now to
resurrect my thoughts....

In terms of Mode Sharing... the biggest problem is cosmonaut time...
someone has to turn the different modes on and off. (it isn't ground
controllable!!!) Since the main purpose of the space station is not amateur
radio, time to do radio things comes at the expense of other projects or
cosmonaut rest time.

For cosmonauts to participate in amateur radio, things have to be made easy
for them. Constant monitoring is not an option.

We are lucky currently that the crew seems interested in playing with the
new SSTV toy and we can get a glimpse of life in space and the view from

The PMS is also a backup for communication between the ground and space.
With some crews it is a great way to exchange messages. Each crew is
different in terms of how often they are on voice/packet/SSTV.

I am looking forward to the possibility of having a video / audio school
sked with the cosmonauts in the future....

>In a message dated 98-12-15 13:46:33 EST, you write:
><<  I'd like to see a compromise,like someone said why not mode share the
> frequency. What's the problem? Live and let live.
> andy G0SFJ >>


 From Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF:
>While its nice to have pictures from space -- keep in mind that in a few
>months the Mir will be de-orbited --  burned up on re-entry -- and this entire
>matter will be moote.  The next adventure for ham radio will be on the
>International Space Station.  That will be the long term investment of ham
>radio into space.  It is far more imoportant than the thrill of a few photos
>from the ageing Mir.

MIR has been aging a lot better than any US space station!! With 10 years
of amateur radio on board MIR, I'm certain it has had more amateur QSO's
than US manned missions. In addition, it has been a nice change to chat
with cosmonauts and astronauts on MIR. Most random SAREX QSOs are "contest
style", and unless you have a school sked, you'll rarely have a chance to
do much more with the shuttle.

Note - I appreciate All human QSOs from space - Shuttle and MIR - It makes
the human exploration of space directly accessible to those of us staying
on the ground. [I've done school skeds with MIR and STS as well as random
voice and packet with MIR and STS]

>As a journalist who has followed -- and reported on -- manned ham radio in
>space since the earliest days of planning of the Owen Garriott, W5LFL flight
>(STS-9), I can only say that this SSTV from Mir is really meaningless.

Meaningless.... interesting viewpoint. I guess that you'd agree that most
of what we do as hams is meaningless then?  Or, how are you defining

YES, the Russians have two way fast scan video conferences between the crew
and their families. So amateur SSTV is rather trivial.
Yes, the shuttle has both uplinked and downlinked amateur FSTV.

So should we be working at realtime digital video on the ham bands between
Spacecraft and Earth (it would be cool!) or is that "old" since NASA TDRS
is relaying that...

Or shall we just abandon amateur communications with spacecraft?

MIR Will "soon" be gone....
   yes, in about 6 months....
       Remind me again how long Tony England was in orbit sending SSTV images?

>MIR will soon be gone and why anyone is bothering to ewhash what Tony Engand,
>W0ORE, accomplished a decade ago using SSTV on his flight using -- is -- quite
>candidly -- beyond me.

Consider the phrase "a decade ago", In my circle of amateur friends, most
were not licensed 10 years ago. SSTV and it's decoding has been made a lot
easier. And most likely, more hams have had an exposure to it over the last
week than during W0ORE's flight.

[I'm not putting that down! We need more interesting things to work with,
not less!!!]

>We used to be the technology leaders.  Now we do not even seem to know how to
>be the followers.  Isn't it time to put our efforts into the future and let go
>of the past -- and the Mir?
>Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF

Does this mean you are not in favor of amateur radio on ISS? Most of the
proposals are just a rehash of what has been done in the past....

I guess for me, Any signals from space - from hearing CW bounced off the
moon - the beeps of Sputnik 40, 41 - the beacons of the RS birds - A voice
calling "CQ from Russian Space Station MIR"  - copying weak signals coming
down from AO13 in the last ZRO test - is all so cool and gives me such a
jazz that it is worth the self training, and international goodwill, at the
price of my personally not advancing the radio art.

Sharing that excitement with other hams and my students just reiterates the

73 and aloha - ted - nh6yk

Pearl City High School Science       ted Brattstrom  -- Chemistry & Technology
            Pearl City High School Amateur Radio Club - WH6CVT
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