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Re: Packet, SSTV, Voice....etc on MIR

KB8TJX wrote:

> Pretending as if the MIREX program were a democracy.....
> My vote is as follows:
> 1. Run SSTV on the 145.xxx freq.  ( new mode for alot of folks, easier
> dopler compensation)

Ok, within reason...

> 2. Move MIR packet to 70cm simplex  ( packeteers get enhanced
> challenge....more dopler correction)

Not good.  Many users do not have 70cm packet capability.  If at all, the SSTV
should co-exist with the packet on some sort of schedule.

> 3. Retain 'old' SAFEX II  system/frequencies and TURN IT ON !
> ( operator intervention not needed, But an occassional Crew QSO would be
> nice? )

In an earlier post, it was mentioned that the mirex freq was 3x the packet
freq.  That could also be part of the problem.  Crew QSO a possibility, do you
speak russian?

> 4. See if SAFEX can operate and co-exist with simplex packet on 70cm?

Only if somebody sends another radio up there.

> I think these would be excellent 'trials' that may be useful in determining
> how to do amateur radio on the ISS in the not so distant future...

Never hurts to try things out.  But we shouldn't exclude the established system
just to try something new.

> Flame-suit is ON

Don't overheat, and drink plenty of water hi hi.

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