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A solution could be to control a SSTV software with WINORBIT 
version 3.5.
This Satellite Orbital prediction software is able to control softwares 
during satellites passes.

Two conditions for that:

1) the SSTV software has to be controlled by keys (not by mouse)

2) the name of the software (appearing just above the menu bar
of the SSTV window) has to remain constant during all the pass.

WINORBIT uses a file you have to write to strike the keys when
you are at work.


Jean-Louis G/F6AGR

>>Hi MIR fans
>>WOW, what excitment about MIR SSTV experiment!!!
>>It's great to see everybody exploring a new mode
>>because there is a new interest in space (it remind me Dx'rs
>>looking for packet, when dx packet cluster started :)
>>As far as I'm concern, I lost most of that due ARRL 10m contest 
>>last weekend (but at least I done a good score).
>>But now I want to take part of it, and due now all MIR pass's are 
>>during working hours, I would like your help to find a program
>>that can AUTOMATIC RX/SAVE the ROBOT36C pictures!
>>In order to work on my setup it must be:
>>Dos/Win 3.11
>>Hamcomm/Sound card
>>VGA video card
>>If you know one program that will do it, please let me know.
>>I apreciate DIRECT replies! Many thanks in advance!
>>Best 73
>>F.Costa, CT1EAT
>>P.S. Sorry if this email is a "bit" out of topic, 
>>     but I guess SSTV is now a "official subject" of this list :)

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