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Tracking software

I recently issued a post expressing my dissatisfaction and problems with
Nova nfw32, and I had solicited  input from the masses.  I was quite
surprised by the vast number of responses and decided this to be the easiest
route to respond to all who took the time to offer their help and

>From the majority of responses I found that I am not alone with the problems
of nfw32. Therefore, since I'd rather spend my time operating than chasing
software bugs,  I have decided to dump the Nova program and switch to one of
the  other available tracking programs.

I do not wish this to be considered a trashing of the Nova software.  I do
like some of the features - some of which I have not seen in other programs.
My intent is only to find suitable software that works as advertised.  I've
spent my money for the original product and then again for the 'updated' CD
version,  I doubt I'll spend again (in money or time) for another update.
Perhaps the Nova folks will take note and actually make an effort to clean
up the update mess.

As a number of you have responded, 'older may be better', perhaps I'll go
back to one of the older programs that offers less features but does what it
does very well.  Stability and reliability is the name of the game.

Once again, thanks to all who responded. For those who asked some specific
questions, I'll try to answer directly asap..

Denny WB8K

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