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FT50 & AO-27

For those on the list using a FT50 for portable use with AO-27 here's what
I'm using that has worked great for me the past two days. I traded my Comet
SMA-3 antenna for a MFJ1715S, high-gain, super flex, thin duck antenna. It
has the same gain as the MFJ1717, but it has a SMA connector and is
extremely thin and lightweight. The thickness of the antenna is
approximately the diameter of lead in a wooden pencil. I also got a Premier
SPM-402 Mini Boom Mic. Granted, the whip antenna does not perform as well as
an Arrow antenna it is much more portable. I am planning on buying an Arrow,
but for the short term future I really like this MFJ one. Using the mini
boom mic seems to allow me more freedom in adjusting the FT50's orientation
during a pass of AO-27, and buy having the earpiece in my ear it makes it
much easier to copy the sometimes weak signals. Those of you using the
MFJ1717 may want to consider getting the MFJ1715S. It eliminats having to
use the SMA to BNC adapter and since the antenna itself is lighter, it
should help eliminate mechanical stress on the FT50. 

73 Jeff

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Jeff Johns KF4KGQ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    |jeffj@scott.net kf4kgq@amsat.org |     Reserve Patrol Captain      |
    | Satellite: Mir R0MIR-1, AO-27   | Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept |
    |200LX+BayPac+FT50=Portable Packet|     QTH Birmingham, AL USA      |
    =-=-=-=-=-=- Packet AX.25 KF4KGQ@wd4epr.#bhm.al.usa.noam -=-=-=-=-=-=

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