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Re: renewed operation

Dennis Jakubisin wrote:

> Finally decided to retire the old ailing FT-726 & have acquired a new
> FT-847.
> With renewed interest I'm back on the birds but still have some of the
> same old exasperating problems with my Nova tracking program. The original
> program seemed to be the best of the bunch, before all of updates. I have
> ver 2.0f and it appears to be very unstable. Running under Win 98, 64 meg
> ram, Intel 333mhz processor on an Abit BH6 motherboard & an Intel 740 video
> card. Nova does so many strange things and at times runs so slow that
> I have about given up on it. I've tried all the suggestions from the NLSA
> website, reloaded a few times etc. Nothing seems to help.
>  So, what else is out there the is reliable and stable & will run under
> Win 98. At this point I do not need any sort of antenna control, just good
> accurate tracking.

The best I have used so far is STS Plus.  And it can even run with Windows  3.1
so you may wish to try it...it's really neat!


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