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renewed operation

Finally decided to retire the old ailing FT-726 & have acquired a new
With renewed interest I'm back on the birds but still have some of the
same old exasperating problems with my Nova tracking program. The original
program seemed to be the best of the bunch, before all of updates. I have
ver 2.0f and it appears to be very unstable. Running under Win 98, 64 meg
ram, Intel 333mhz processor on an Abit BH6 motherboard & an Intel 740 video
card. Nova does so many strange things and at times runs so slow that
I have about given up on it. I've tried all the suggestions from the NLSA
website, reloaded a few times etc. Nothing seems to help.
 So, what else is out there the is reliable and stable & will run under
Win 98. At this point I do not need any sort of antenna control, just good
accurate tracking.

Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated


Denny  WB8K   (in not so rare EN-91)

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