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MIR SSTV Images WEB page

My APRN (Automatic Picture Relay Network) WEB page is supposed to
automatically capture the latest SSTV images transmitted on the local
APRN frequency and post them for all to see via the WEB.  So All I had to 
do was QSY to 145.985, and bingo, now we have live MIR images!


I copied 6 images.  When APRN is fully functional, then a single APRS
packet can betransmitted before or after the image and automatically
identify the STATION, TITLE, and APRS LAT.LONG of where it was taken.
Thus the WEB page is AUTOMATIC and files and catalogs the images as they
come in.  Imagine that for emergency and special events!

But I have not finished the automatic part, so I am going home now from
work and there wont be any more "automatic" postings for the rest of the

But it shows the power of the APRN concept of hooking LIVE SSTV feeds to
internet WEB pages by using APRS UI frames to automatically identify them!

de WB4APR, BOb

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