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Greetings from Mir!

Imagine my recent surprise when I reviewed the APRS messages in my new
Kenwood TH-D7 Data HT, and saw the message "Hello from Altair, MIR 26
crew".  I was baffeled.  How did that get in there?

THen I remember Thanksgiving Evening when I went outside with the family
and friends outside to watch a visual pass of MIR, and I took two HT's,
one to listen on the Sputnik freq and one on the MIR BBS freq just to see
if the packet station was on.

But, since MIR is sending that message in APRS BULLETIN format, then
my HT picked it up and stored it in my MESSAGE list!  Imagine how
impressive it would have been if I had realized that I had captured a
message and could show that off too!

As a reminder, MIR is available for UI digipeating of APRS packets between
School stations when the DIGI is on.  In addition, the MIR team also has
all of the UI beacons in APRS format so they will be captured by all APRS
software.  Combined with the built-in APRS TNC and displays in the new
Kenwood HT, you now have a two-way Satellite hand-held communicator in the
palm of your hand (The limitation to schools only, is to serve as an
educational opportunity without overloading the uplink...)

This should get real fun when the Kenwood TH-D7a and TH-D7E start
delivering in 2 weeks... 

de WB4APR, Bob

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