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Re: VOXSAT-1 donation

gustavoc@BBS.PINOS.COM wrote:
> Attention please,
> Amsat LU is in the last phase for launch VOXSAT 1 its next satellite
> for radio amateurs worldwide service.  VOXSAT 1 will go inside a
> russian satellite like AO-21, for launch next year.
> The satellite modes will be:
> 1 Cross Band FM repeater,(like AO-27), UHF up / VHF down.
> The VHF output power for the downlink repeater TX is two watts, and
> four for the broadcast TX.

AO-21 was a great satellite.  It opened doors for low cost, low power,
portable satellite operation to all with a tech license or higher.
I made hundreds of QSOs on AO-21 and made friends there I still speak
with on other satellites.  AO-27 is just as important.  It would be
wonderful if this bird had a 2 watts transmiter!

> Our local organization made a monetary effort for complete it, like
> when it help with AMSAT NA for finish the first four microsats in 1989.
> We have few members for support the launch cost,(satellite transport,
> travels, etc), We need your help too.
> AMSAT LU made a certified for give to all who make a minimum donation
> of u$S 10, for those that make a U$S 100 donation or more his callsign
> will be engrave in the first cover of the satellite.
> If you want to be part of this proyect sent your donation to:
> Gustavo Carpignano
> M. Rosas 2044
> 1828 Banfield
> Argentina
> Checks or money orders should be made out to my name.
> Any questions I'll be qrv to answer it.
> Thanks for your help.
> Gustavo Carpignano, LW2DTZ
> lw2dtz@amsat.org

I would be interested in helping with this project, however, I have
some suggestions for your fund raising technique.  I am in partial
agreement with some of the other comments posted.  I don't have a 
problem sending a donation to your name if you are the bona-fide
treasurer of this project.  I do have suspicion of the integrity of
the postal system between the US and Argentina.  I believe a donation
could be lost or stolen along the way.  It also would be an inconvience
for me to obtain a money order and I don't know how well my personal
check would do through an Argentine bank.  The added cost of a money 
order and the extra cost of postage would be better spent as a direct
donation to the project.  I would suggest that either you try to work
with AMSAT-NA and get set up a "drop box" or some sort of forwarding
system.  Or, If there is an individual in the US that could set up a
bank account in the US that was in the name of AMSAT-LU, donators could
send checks to that person, something like a QSL manager.  I think the
easier you make it for people to donate, the more participation you
will get.

Brook Smith

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